Why Dr. Lori?

Dr. Lori truly loves working with her clients. She believes in showing up to each session offering her clients her absolute best. Dr. Lori prides herself on being a life long learner therefore is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge in metaphysics and how to improve upon the services she offers to clients daily. 

Why SWW? 

While the life coaching industry is not governed by a formal governing body, clients may receive services from a life coach with no formal training in counseling. At SWW, our clients benefit from evidence-based and ethical services delivered by a trained counselor. Our clients can be assured their service will be both professional and confidential. 

Why Life Transformation Coaching? 

Although life coaching is not counseling, it is a very integral part of the helping field. It is especially beneficial to clients that want feedback and guidance that counselors are advised against giving. Life coaches offer accountability to clients, which is scientifically proven to produce the greatest results when trying to transform your life