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Dr. Lori's Signature Program

The Alchemist Program

Still Whole Wellness LLC offers comprehensive life coaching services designed to help you achieve a more balanced life. We believe that in order for real, lasting change to occur, it needs to be approached holistically. By addressing both internal and external factors that affect your overall well-being, we can help you create the life you truly desire. Our Life Coaching modules are centered around Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wealth. Whether you're struggling with negative thought patterns or simply want to become more disciplined in your physical health routine, we're here to help. Our experienced coaches will guide you, step by step, through each module in order to achieve long-term success.

Module Descriptions

  1. Mind- Our Mind module provides the tools and resources you need to reprogram your thoughts and beliefs.

  2. Body- The Body module teaches discipline around your physical health and self-care.

  3. Spirit- Our Spirit module helps to increase your connection with your spiritual self.

  4. Wealth-Lastly, our Wealth module offers resources on how to achieve financial abundance while helping resolve limiting beliefs involving wealth.

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Women's Wellness Circle

Women's Wellness Circle

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