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Dr. Lori's Signature Program

The Get Clear Method is a 3-Step Process

  1. Survival Mode- This step helps you understand the areas of your life affected by sexual trauma. 

  2. Survivor-Here is where I help you to understand your responses to trauma

  3. Alchemist-This final step is where we begin to incorporate the tools that help you show up in life as a better version of yourself.


“I used to say that the abuse happened to me. Now I say it happened for me.”



Are you looking to create the life you want tomorrow? I am a life coach with the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Schedule a free consultation session with me today and let's discuss how we can work together to create the life you desire. With my help, you can achieve success in all areas of your life, from personal to professional. Take the first step towards creating the life you want and book your free consultation session today.

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National Symbol for Sexual Assault Survivors 


Mind, Body, Spirit, & Wealth

1 On 1 Coaching 

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Get the Support You Need

After being sexually assaulted, getting your life back on track will be challenging to put it mildly. Studies show that survivors of sexual trauma are faced with very specific issues as a result of the trauma. Unfortunately, survivors will believe that they are doomed to live in survival mode after being violated. However, Dr.  Lori will help you identify your specific trauma responses while helping you learn healthier ways to show up in life. Sexual trauma has been known to drastically affect survivors' ability to communicate their needs effectively which can cause co-dependency in romantic relationships. Getting back to a place of feeling you can trust your intuition and regaining your independence, is Dr. Lori's specialty.  Living life with the weight of persistent shame and guilt can be crippling. Dr. Lori will teach you the tools to deal with guilt and shame when it arises so you can live in alignment. Turn your pain into purpose and become the alchemist of your life with The Get Clear Method.  This program helps you get clear on how sexual trauma has affected your life while giving you the tools for a new way to live.


Empower & Inspire

Motivational Speaker

Dr. Lori likes to call herself "The Comeback Kid" and rightfully so. As a survivor of sexual trauma, Lori never saw herself as a victim and has pushed passed every obstacle that has come her way, including a severe brain and back injury in 2008. Her focus was to set an example for her children of how to fall and get back up again. She is a true believer that no matter what obstacles one faces in life, you can Still be Whole.


Heal & Educate

SWW Courses

Dr. Lori offers a variety of ways for clients to get the wisdom they need to heal themselves and others. She teaches the healing art of Reiki, translated as the universal life force, that has been used throughout the generations to help increase awareness and insight while reducing stress, anxiety, and the effects of physical issues. Dr. Lori also teaches classes like,  How the 7 Chakras are Affected by Sexual Assault, Trauma, and Ancestral Altar Building, and Life Coaching Certification, to name a few. Additionally, Dr. Lori co-hosts a monthly Women’s Wellness Circle that focuses on women-related topics to help expand and inspire the women that attend. 

All services offered remotely or in person. Please note additional charges will be applied for in person services.

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