From Survival Mode to...

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Becoming The Alchemist

Empower, Support & Transform

Empower, Support, & Transform

  • Resolve Guilt and Shame

  • Improve Communication

  • Build Confidence

  • Trust Your Intuition

  • Learn To Love Yourself Again

  • Develop Healthy Relationships and Intimacy

  • Remove Victim Energy

  • Build Community

"I just finished a Reiki healing with Dr. Lori and I'm already noticing improvement in my anxiety."

—  K.H, Riverside, CA

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Dr. Lori's Signature Program

The Get Clear Method is a 3-Step Process

  1. Survival Mode- This step helps you understand the areas of your life affected by sexual trauma. 

  2. Survivor-Here is where I help you to understand your responses to trauma. 

  3. Alchemist-This final step is where we begin to incorporate the tools that help you show up in life as a better version of yourself.


“I used to say that the abuse happened to me. Now I say it happened for me.”



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