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Where Else Can I See Dr. Lori?

Dr. Lori continues to spread the message to survivors that they can “Still Be Whole After Sexual Trauma” and has been featured in the 2021 Fall Issue Ezine, Empowered Voices. She was invited to speak on the panel for HBO documentary Allen v Farrow speaking panel, where she shared her story and spoke about the long-term effects of sexual trauma. Dr. Lori has also been appointed as the Executive Director of SAAN since the beginning of 2022. Dr. Lori has been featured on the Master Festo, and the Girls Nite Live  Podcast. Most recently she was featured on the Conscious Kickback Podcast where she shared how she incorporates Stoicism into her healing journey.

Meet the

Dr. Lori Pitts is a mother to 3 amazing children, or as she would call them, her “soul extensions”. She is grateful to her children and considers them to be her greatest teachers.


Dr. Lori is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. She and her wife Regina live in California with their blended family, (son 24, and 2 daughters 19 & 15). Together they enjoy watching movies and preparing healthy meals. 


Dr. Lori is a  3x’s survivor of sexual assault trauma and believes in taking a holistic approach to heal from sexual assault using her signature, "The Get Clear Method". She has been quoted saying, “Sexual assault happened for me, not to me.” 

Desiring to teach others what she has learned along her journey, Dr. Lori founded Still Whole Wellness in 2017 where she developed “The Get Clear Method”, a program designed to help clients identify how their lives have been impacted by their trauma while helping them set realistic goals that promote healing. Using holistic methods like trauma coaching, reiki healing, guided meditation, and oracle readings, as well as hosting classes, webinars, and healing circles, the clients of Still Whole Wellness have amazing success.


Dr. Lori has an M.S. degree in Professional Clinical Counseling, Life Coaching Certification, a Doctorate in Metaphysics, and holds a Grand Reiki Master certification. 


Before working in private practice, Dr. Lori worked in the mental health field for over fifteen years working on trauma healing, and substance use disorder, and took great joy in working with family units. Dr. Lori believes that we should all make efforts to heal every day. 

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