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After being sexually assaulted getting your life back on track can be a challenge. Our communication, self-esteem, and identity can be deeply affected as a result of this
painful experience. Still Whole Wellness provides you the safe space to work your way back to whom you were always meant to be by supporting you as you turn your pain into power. SWW offers Individual and Couples coaching that is geared towards helping you redefine what the sexual violation means for you and your relationship. We support our clients in removing what is holding them back from the life they desire and deserve.


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Lori likes to call herself "The Comeback Kid" and rightfully so. As a survivor of sexual trauma, Lori never saw herself as a victim and has pushed passed every obstacle that has come her way, including a severe brain and back injury in 2008. Her focus was to set an example for her children of how to fall and get back up again. She is a true believer that no matter what obstacles one faces in life, you can Still be Whole.


Heal & Balance Energies


Did you know that you were born with the power to heal yourself? Reiki, the Japanese word meaning universal life force, has been used throughout the generations to help increase awareness and insight which are both needed for personal growth. It also assists in helping balance physical and mental energies. You should know that the purpose of Reiki practitioners is not to diagnose or heal the client, rather the practitioner is a channel or conduit that is used for the client to actually heal themselves through the process. Because energy knows no distance, distance reiki sessions are just as effective as in person sessions.


All services offered remotely or in person. Please note additional charges will be applied for in person services.