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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Welcome beautiful soul to the SWW blog. Allow me now to be completely transparent and say that I have never written a blog before and I am not so sure I know what I’m doing. At this point I’m unsure of how often I’ll write nor am I certain of the format 😂. At this point, I am going to approach this as I do many things in my life, I am using my intuition and trusting. Nonetheless, I’m just glad you’re here and seem to care to some degree about what I have to share on this platform. I’m further excited that to have a place where I can express my mind freely without censorship. You have no idea how the free spirit in me is rejoicing.


Consider yourself warned that from time to time I may use profanity in my writing. Some would argue that those that curse do so because they are uneducated therefore unable to access other words. I’ll assure you that is simply not the case with me. I consider myself to be educated and I also happen to like using profanity as emphasis, humor, or just for expression of color.


You may also want to be aware that I may discuss topics here that are sensitive and maybe controversially triggering. Please know in advance that this is not at all my intention. I will do my best to alert you to a topic that may be particularly triggering at the top of a blog. Just know I’m human and may not always act on my trauma informed training. What I will say is that I’ve learned that triggers are only there to make you aware of the unhealed areas of yourself. So I then encourage you to heal accordingly. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…


As I look around the world I can’t help but think that this world needs more love in it. I recall feeling this way since I was a kid but feeling somewhat helpless. I looked at the adults in my world that said they loved me but at times did a horrible job expressing it. Of course I later learned that this was largely due to the fact that no one had ever shown them love appropriately leaving them in the same position they had left me, fending for myself to figure it out. Not only was I left to my own devices to figure out how to love myself, but also how to demonstrate a healthy love to others. Let’s just say that this has been quite the learning process, one that in all honestly, I’m still perfecting.


Along this love learning journey, the greatest thing I’ve learned is how to love myself. As a sexual assault survivor this wasn’t easy. I felt so unworthy of love for so long that I of course had to first work through that self defeating belief before I could begin to discover what this word would look like in my life.


Today love in my life looks like me honoring myself ALWAYS!! This was a tough one because I was literally raised to dishonor myself especially if honoring myself caused others to be uncomfortable. I can’t begin to tell you the pure hell I’ve lived through using this belief system that was impressed upon me. I am proud to say I’ve grown to no longer care. I’ve even grown to understand that not caring is absolutely ok and does not make me selfish. Not standing in my own truth in order to make others comfortable did years of damage that I am still working to repair.


While honoring me is at the top of my list of ways to love Lori, I’ve also found that I can, and do love myself through expression of love to others. Once I learned just how connected we all are and raised my consciousness of the collective, I saw this love thing very differently. I got it now. The line in the “Color Purple” when Celine says, “Everything you done to me already been done to you.” When we try and hurt others intentionally, we allow our natural vibration to decrease. When this vibration decreases any and all things we desire that vibrate higher than where we are become impossible to reach. This begins to create the illusion of hell right here on earth. Simply put, it’s impossible to elevate when you’re intentionally keeping your foot on someone’s neck.


If you don’t know by now, elevation and expansion is what I’m all about. It’s one of the primary reasons I opened the doors of Still Whole Wellness in 2017. I simply wabred to elevate your awareness first of self while helping you to expand reaching your absolute highest vibration. I don’t want you to experience any more hell. It is truly my hearts desire for each client to not only experience love when they walk through the doors of my business but to learn how to love themselves wholely.

Peace and light,

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