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The Why?

“Why?” A single-word question and is debatably one of the most powerful and profound questions one can ask one's self. This question has the potential to propel you to your greatest insights aluminating your path of self discovery. I find that I have asked myself this question several times on my healing journey. I learned that there is a way to ask this question in order to obtain the answers, reach the deepest depths, while causing no pain to others. Probing myself

throughout life with this question has given me not only insight but has put me in alignment with my purpose, to help others heal. I needed to know my why for me to continue to evolve and so the asking began. But first, I needed motivation because simply put, healing is hard. There are so many things to face and address. The key was learning to start with intention, and realizing there was a specific way to approach this transformative question.


Why Ask "Why"

Why ask, why? Why is this one of the most powerful questions? I'm not going to lie here. The motivation to ask myself this question was not high vibrational at all. I was mad. I was mad that my life seemed to be full of pain and disappointment. Why did my perpetrators pick me? Why was I so weak that I didn't speak up for myself to stop the abuse. I wanted to know why my parents responded the way they did after my last assault and what this meant for me. I wanted to know why the trauma had seemingly infected my entire existance. I wanted to know why God would put me in a situation to be harmed as a helpless child. Truth be told, I was MAD AT GOD! It was this anger that fueled my desire to ask the question. I wanted answers. I wanted my pain to either make sense of simply go away. Intuitively, I understood that I needed to first understand my pain so that I could complete the work the pain was meant to complete in me. To do this I knew I needed to be asking the right questions that would bring me to greater awareness.

And so the unfolding began. Initially, I thought I needed someone to blame for my pain. Maybe then I'd feel better. I could blame my perpetrators for being so disturbingly unkind. I could blame my family for not protecting me better. I even blamed myself for not listening to my intuition when I sensed something was off. If you notice all of the aforementioned questions pointed outside of myself. This was not getting me very far. Being able to blame someone else for the things that happen to me was no doubt a quick fix however, the satisfaction of placing blame was short lived once I got to one specific question. "Why God allowed sexual violation to happen to me several times over?" This specific question brought me to somenthing deeper and ultimately allowed me to heal my relationship with God and love myself deeper than ever before. This quesiton helped me to look within.

I began to explore my interpretation of the God and role it was meant to play in my life. This was scary because this new interpretation of God was in direct contridiction to what my family of origion had offered to me. To give an example, my new interpretation of God helped me feel empowered and free. Whereas the version of God that was given to me, made me feel bound and weak. Over time, the more I understood this "new" God, the better I understood myself. I began seeing myself differently and it all started with the question "why". The rabbit hole of the "why" question, brought a sense of purpose to my pain which put me in direct alignment to do the work with the clients of Still Whole Wellness.


How To Ask "Why"

As I stated, my initial motivation for asking "why", wasn't at all pure. I was looking for somewhere to place the blame. While I was on the right track, I had to dig deeper. Surely that's not all the insight this question could provide. So what I learned, and what I now teach to my clients is to continue asking "why". Once is simply not enough. Ask the question until it can't be asked anymore and see what comes up.

The second nugget of wisdom is to lean into the question as it directs you inward because that is when this thing gets juicy. Adjust your heart position where you are able to ask this question and reframe the responses so that are not only insightful but demonstrate love towards yourself. Ask spirit to help guide you to your absolute highest good.

The last nugget on how to ask the transformative "why" question, is to be kind to yourself on the journey. There may be moments when you feel that you have completed the work when something else pops up revealing that there is more work to be done. Use this mystical question as your guide. This won't mean you failed your first attempt. It simply means that you have graduated to the next level of discovery. This my friend is when you should be celebrating.

Asking why can lead you to the greatest awarenesses of who we are while discovering our karmic lesson. Asking why gives you a different perspective from which you can see yourself. Hopefully it is one that will cause you to feel just as empowered as I did. From my asserction, we ask when we intuitively know it is time for us to heal and evolve. We ask when we are tired of living in survival mode and are ready to do the work that completes our soul's mission. It is my hope that now you know how to ask the right questions, courageous enough to ask "why" and heal every day.


If you would like some help with uncovering your why, I encourage you to book a session with me. I would love to be part of this journey with you.

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