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Time To Revisit

One of my spiritual teachers once told me that we come into this world knowing exactly who we are. It is the goal of life to help us in revisiting what our sould already knows about us. I find that it is our life experiences and relationships with others that pull us away from this knowing. I now believe that the ultimate goal in life is remembering who we are and the purpose of why we were sent to earth. I guess you could say that I have been on a mission to remember who I was supposed to be. This belief has placed me on a beautiful path of discovery. I want to share with you now a bit of this journey.

Revisiting Who We Really Are

I can accept that I have been through a lot in my life, as we all have. I have since learned that it all had to happen just the way it happened. Some might even say that with what I have lived through I could be justifiably a bitch to others. However, this is definitely not who I want to be. I had to consider who I wanted to be despite the pain I have endured. I had to shake the energy of feeling less than or unworthy on the other side of being violated. It wasn't easy but I feel that I have accomplished this and have enjoyed the unfolding. In true transparency, I owe a lot of the credit to my father who helped me see my value and worth even as a child. He allowed me the space to express myself and regularly validated my feelings. I feel so lucky to have had that. Though he provided me with the foundation, I often remind myself that I am worthy! Just in case you needed the reminder, SO ARE YOU!

One of the best ways for me to accomplish having a sense of worthiness is by revisiting what I like to call, "The Core Lori". Revisiting the core of who I was before the horrible things happened in my life. I had to tap into my power. So how did I revisit my core, Lori? Simply put, I followed the breadcrumbs that lead me to my core self. I began to follow the path of least resistance and do what came naturally to me. It was in this that I discovered not only my purpose but the fact that I am an empath. Early on I knew that I was a kind-hearted person who only wanted to help others discover their own greatness. In my spiritual study, I discovered my spiritual gifts as a healer and exhorter. I was put here to help people feel good about themselves and heal their past wounds. I have been quoted saying...

"our family of origion begins the process by suggesting to us who we are. It is my belief that our experiences with them that begins to shape us and they may even unintentionally hurt us. I used to be very angry with my family and felt they had hurt me a great deal. I now know that they were simply playing the role they were always meant to play to usher me into this beautiful discovery. Furthermore, I believe that it is our soul tribe that heals the wounds initiated by our family and helps us in the discovery of our true selves."

We are told so many things when we come to this planet. I was told I am a female, African American, sexual assault survivor, Christian female, among other things. Yet, I knew there was so much more to me and I became incessantly focused on rediscovering who I truly am.

Am I an Empath?

One of my earliest and most frequent memories would have to be hearing my mother saying, "Lori you can't help everyone." As a child, I hated hearing my Mom say this but I understand now that she wanted me to learn healthy boundaries so I wouldn't be taken advantage of. Being an empath isn't easy, and setting boundaries I now know is an absolute must. Empaths feel other people's pain and we feel them deeply. If we aren't careful, we can overextend ourselves and become obsessed with helping others with their problems often at the expense of nurturing ourselves. We think it is our job to "fix" them. Nothing can be further from the truth. It was a long road for me to understand the role I was really meant to play in the lives of others. I had to realize that my purpose is to be my highest self first and then be an example for others on how to walk the path I am on. Thus the reason for this blog and everything else I do in my work.

While my life circumstances have been painful enough to justify my heart being hardened, this doesn't help anyone and lowers my vibrational output in the world. It was as though I instinctively knew that if I allowed my life experiences to shape me and distract me from my calling, my abusers would win and there was simply no way I was having that.

If you are trying to find your core self and would like to revisit who you were before the pain, I encourage you to book a session with me. I would love to hold space for you as you remember who you are.

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