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What's Missing?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Sometimes I stop and ask myself, "Lori, what's missing?" I find that when I periodically ask this of myself, I can dig a little deeper on my healing journey. As I complete these monthly assessments, I learn more about myself, and what I truly want, and I ultimately become healthier. Then I get busy developing a plan to help me in getting where my spirit is taking me. Well, I've been doing these little self-assessments for so long that I have discovered a few things that were missing from my healing journey, belief in my ability; guidance; appropriate input; and consistency.

When we are violated, we are often left with a self-defeating belief that suggests that we are worthless. My path has been no different. I have struggled with ridding myself of this energy for decades. Not only did I believe I was worthless, but the outside influences also I received from others regularly affirmed this negative belief.

Early on in my journey, I knew I wanted to change my reality, but I had zero knowledge on how to obtain what I so badly wanted inner peace. So, I began looking for someone to help guide me back to who I was meant to be prior to being violated. Because social media was taking off around the time of my healing, I began looking online for someone that was seasoned in this area to help and came across two beautiful souls, Sawayta, (who has since transitioned), and later, Dr. Anu. These individuals poured into me causing me to remember who I was at my root. I will forever be in debt to them for this because they helped guide me back to Me. Once this connection with myself was re-established, I began to create the space to be guided by the divine spirit within. This was tricky as it meant that I had to trust what I heard and then be brave enough to follow.

What we choose to put in our bodies today can drastically change the outcome of our tomorrow. I learned on my journey to be vigilant about this once I understood the significance. Whenever I mention this to my clients the automatic thought is that I am referring to what they eat. While what we eat is important, it is my belief that this knowledge should be applied to what we read, watch, and listen to. This meant that I began being intentional about the television shows, YouTube videos, and anything else I watched. I even began blocking people that consistently posted negative content on social media because it drained my energy. This continues to be my way of taking control of my life while empowering myself. I can't help but notice that fixing was missing on my journey caused me to feel incredibly strong.

I not only monitored what I took in but also began reciting daily affirmations. By speaking positive affirmations, the vibration of my voice activates my spiritual guides to begin working on my behalf. Additionally, when I speak affirmations, the words begin to reprogram my subconscious mind. This reprogramming has healed the self-defeating beliefs that I previously lived. Now that I have addressed it, I now live from a space of abundance now that I understand the power of my words.

So, I had a very difficult thing to own early in my journey. I was consistently inconsistent. After starting this journey, I had to be honest with myself about some things that were keeping me from progressing on my healing journey. The first and most vital missing piece was the ability to be consistent. I had learned so many practices that I knew could and were helpful, yet I was not doing any of them consistently. I now see that the reason for this was due to my lack of understanding of how not following through with them was dishonoring myself. Further, I needed to change my perspective. I had to stop viewing these practices as something I had to do and see them as things I get to do to make me healthy. I have now made my healing practices so much a part of my lifestyle and daily routine that I can barely recall life prior to implementing them. This change in perspective caused me to approach my journey with the heart of gratitude makes me powerful.

Lastly, I came to finally understand that there was NOTHING wrong with me. I was molested early in my life and as you may imagine I was greatly affected by this and lived childhood through young adulthood truly feeling damaged and broken. Because this was the foundation from which all my beliefs and behaviors stemmed, I damaged relationships starting with the one I had with self. After working with my coach, therapist, and healers I was able to acknowledge that there was nothing wrong with me. I discovered that I am Happy, Healthy, Centered, and Whole.

If you are reading this and are acknowledging that there is something missing from your healing journey and would like to be supported I encourage you to reach out to me so that we can address these areas and assess your early belief system and get you living the life you deserve.


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