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Regina Dennis

As a contributor for the operations of Still Whole Wellness, she is responsible for overseeing operations, compliance, human resources, and innovation strategy.


Regina, a Southern California native, who completed her Masters in Studies of Law from the University of Southern California and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Project Management from DeVry University. She has held many roles in the legal field. Her most recent experience includes corporate governance with a satellite and telecommunications company.


Regina and Dr. Lori share a great amount of love an adoration for each other and together they are raising their three children who bring an incredible amount of joy and laughter to their lives. 


Regina Dennis - Operations

Tyler Long

As a contributor in web designer and tech support for SWW, Tyler is in charge of implementing changes to the SWW site as well as developing social media presence. Tyler takes pride in making the SWW site as user friendly as possible. 

Tyler is currently majoring in graphic informational technology at ASU and is looking to transfer to USC to complete his masters degree. While studying graphic informational technology, Tyler is honing his skills in front end development in order to make improvements existing sites. He is proficient in C++ programming. 

"Collaborating with Dr.Lori has been a fun experience and I enjoyed putting out a site that she can call her own."

Web Designer/Technical Support 

Tyler Long - Web Designer/Tech Support

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