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Examining the Financial Consequences of Sexual Assault and How to Recover Financially


Experiencing sexual trauma can be devastating and have a lasting impact on an individual's sense of worth. It can be difficult to recover from such a traumatic event and the effects can linger for months or even years. In this blog post, we will explore how to feel worthy after sexual trauma. We will look at the connection between money and self-worth, and discuss ways to remove the negative energy that can come with it. By recognizing our worth and taking steps to move forward, we can begin to reclaim our lives and find peace and joy in our day-to-day lives.

What Is Sexual Trauma?

Sexual trauma is any intentional exposure to sexual behavior for personal sexual gratification. This exposure can be in the form of words, grabbing or touching sexually, verbal harassment, being forced to engage in sexual acts, or visual exposure to sexual images. There is no age associated with sexual trauma. Survivors can also be male, female, or non-binary. The effects of sexual trauma are wide-ranging and serious. It affects one’s finances, self-esteem, and sense of safety and security. It has been proven that there is a correlation between financial insecurity and low self-worth, making it even more important to address these issues when healing from the effects of sexual trauma. To heal from sexual trauma, survivors need to learn how to properly manage their money and the emotions surrounding it. By doing so, survivors will be able to gain control over their feelings about money and use money as a tool for healing instead of as a source of worry and anxiety. Additionally, survivors must work on healing the sexual energy within themselves that has been blocked off by the trauma. This can include engaging in energy healing practices such as reiki and acupuncture, talking to trusted individuals about their experience, doing expressive art such as writing or painting, and taking part in activities like yoga which helps heal the mind, body, and soul. By engaging in activities like this, survivors will be able to slowly remove the negative energy they have surrounding money while simultaneously healing their sexual assault experience.

Examining the Connection

Effects of sexual trauma can affect a person's mind, body, spirit, wealth, and relationships. Because these entities ultimately develop our reality, experiencing this trauma, (especially early in life), will alter our experiences in life. Survivors of sexual trauma are more likely to experience mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and its ugly cousin, anxiety. Due to overwhelming stress, our bodies will respond to this stress by breaking down causing things like heart and lung disease, chronic pain, and insomnia. Because a common question for a survivor is often, "Why did God let this happen to me?", trusting a higher power to guide their life becomes almost impossible. Research suggests that sexual trauma survivors often have challenges with maintaining employment. Because we are in survivor mode, we haven't had the opportunity to develop the necessary tools to develop healthy relationships. This leads us to feel lonely, misunderstood, confused, and vulnerable. One way that victims find solace is by turning to money. Money gives us control over our lives; it gives us stability, comfort, and something tangible to hold on to. We attach an emotional value to money, believing it gives us worthiness. But what happens when those resources become depleted? The negative energy attached to the idea of not having enough comes back even stronger than before. As survivors, we need to understand that although money can provide safety and security, relying solely on money is not a sustainable solution. There are steps we can take to remove this negative energy associated with finances.

When we are children, a major factor in how we determine how well we are doing in life is based on our grades and how many friends we have. As adults, we subconsciously make the same association with our bank account balance and how many healthy relationships we have in our lives. Let's just be honest, the average person is not going to feel very good about themselves if they do not have money in the bank. What we often don't consider is the opposite to be true. If our self-worth is low, it will be challenging to create wealth. This is the trauma response that most coaches aren't talking about. How do you find your worth after a traumatic experience such as sexual trauma? The first step is to remove any negative connotations associated with money. It may sound cliche but remember that money does not equate to your worth or value as a person. Instead of seeing money as something you lack, try looking at it as an opportunity for you to invest in your personal growth and success. Focus on creating abundance by setting financial goals for yourself and working towards them without feeling guilty for wanting more. Finally, turn your focus from money onto yourself by building up your skills and talents. Make sure you are actively engaging in activities that you find fulfilling - whether it’s picking up a new hobby or even joining support groups or therapy sessions dedicated to recovering from sexual trauma. These simple steps can help restore your confidence and renew your belief in yourself as an empowered survivor of sexual trauma.

Why It's Important to Clear the Energy

I realized last year a theme that was clear with all of the trauma survivors I work with. Although all their individual situations are different, they each had some evidence of financial struggles in their life. I was beginning to see more and more the way that this negative money energy was infecting many areas of their lives. So, I began bringing this awareness to my clients and we began noticing their realities changing. One of my clients went from being jobless to working in the role of her dreams in 60 days. Another client from Southern California went from being a housewife to creating and scaling a business that gives her purpose and allows her to feel an independence she hasn't felt in a long time. This was all because they began working on themselves and watched their life change.

If you aren't already, I want to encourage you to register for the "Financial Literacy" event with myself and Regina Dennis, a financial professional. During this event, I will offer you some key tools on how to make this shift in your life. By making ourselves aware of the connection between sexual trauma and our current relationship with money, we can begin to heal and create wealth without feeling guilty or ashamed. We can start taking positive steps towards healing our own traumas related to money. Furthermore, understanding that there is power within us to create what we desire, regardless of our past experiences, can lead us to feel empowered around our finances and create a safe space for us to increase our wealth. Ultimately, taking steps toward self-development leads us down the path toward true fulfillment. With mindful practice and self-love, we can heal our wounds from past traumas and allow ourselves to create a healthier relationship with our finances. Start by becoming present with yourself and reflecting on any traumatic experiences you may have gone through - especially when it comes to money. Ask yourself questions such as: Do I carry any guilt or shame surrounding money? What kind of beliefs do I have about myself when it comes to wealth? Where did these beliefs come from? Once you become more aware of these feelings and beliefs, you can then start shifting them to remove any barriers which may be blocking you from becoming financially secure. Additionally, try implementing new habits into your daily routine such as practicing gratitude and investing in yourself - whether it be attending events like the “Oops That’s My Trauma” event, reading books about personal finance, setting up savings goals, etc. All of these activities will help bring clarity to your situation and empower you to take back control of your future. Remember: You have control over how you perceive money and the choices that you make.

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